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Culture, advantage, and company philosophy form our vision. We are ready to create a new era.

YANGZHU Technology has been strived for internationalization of the YANGZHU brand. We keep focusing on innovation and self-transcendence for many years and introduce USB flash drives in line with the trend. The requirements of our customers are the basis of our research and development, and we take the philosophy of "R&D, Innovation and Manufacturing" as the goal of sustainable development. It is the creative style in the "high quality, green environment and new style" that thoroughly delivers the product value of YANGZHU USB flash drive.

We are delightful and grateful at the time when YANGZHU Technology is marching toward its 20th year, for we are not only part of the great events in the industry, but a witness to the "technological miracle" in Taiwan. We are the leader, innovator and integrator in the field of USB flash drives, and we still have the self-expectation to have another glorious twenty years.