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All Production is completed in Taiwan
Colorful OTG-USB2.0.
Supporting for compatible OTG device. Plug and play design. Ease to use. Colorful casing /Housing design. High quality. colorful design. Easy to carry. One USB provide two functions- The USB OTG standard allows mobile devices to connect directly to supported USB devices.

Customized logo and embossed printing are both available.
Product Specifications
8G / 16GB
Flash : Samsung / Toshiba
USB 2.0 and Micro Interface
Supporting for compatible OTG devices
Warranty : 1 year
Product Feature
Dimensions : 30.8 x 12 x 4.6 mm
Material : Zinc Alloy
Printing : Digital Printiing / Screening Printing / Laser engraving
Color : Yellow, Orange, Red, Gray, Sky Blue, Transparent
Packaging Options