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Innovative technology, Professional manufacturing, Cultural design

We persist in quality and innovation to promote our brand in the global computer, communication and consumer electronics market. "YangZhu" is a direct translation from two Chinese words. The word "Zhu" stands literally for bamboo or "green" in its imagery meaning that implicates the concept of green energy, environmental protection and technology in our product. The "bamboo slip" was used to record information in ancient times, while the USB flash drive plays the role of recording and access in the modern world. The word "YangZhu" has the meaning of green color and environmental protection in eastern culture. It shows the decision to improve the technology of green energy. The font of "YangZhu" is designed with "bamboo leaves" as the core. The letters Y and Z are intentionally presented in heroic penmanship to highlight the spirit of the eastern element. It is a symbol of integrity, perfection and purity, and represents the persistent confidence and pursuit for excellence.

The emerald green of the bamboo and the forest green are used for color identification. The former stands for liveliness and youthful vigor while the latter stands for staidness, steadiness and trustworthiness.