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We provide optimum service quality by implementing the management in the service process.


Consistent process

We keep a tight linkage of nodes in the supply chain to ensure optimum supply efficiency.By highly integrated operation and management, most advanced manufacturing facilities and long-term professional training and management, we are capable of controlling the entire supply chain in the most efficient way. And by doing so, we are able to completely meet the requirements of our customers and satisfy them with the best service and quality.


Technical advantages

We were certified by ISO9001G2000 in 2003 thanks to the best R&D team, advanced manufacturing facilities and strict QC team of the Company. But we will never be complacent and satisfied. We make more efforts in R&D and develop the handy and slim USB flash drives. Our "Credit Card USB" obtained the international patent in 2005, and it was one of our best-selling products in 2007.

OEM/ODM service

We offer professional design and manufacturing of products and molds. From ID design=>mold manufacturing=>plastic injection=>spray painting=>electroplating=>SMT=>testing=>assembly, we offer package service that covers all processes in the production cycle, rather than subcontract it to other manufacturers, to ensure consistent quality of the products.

Due to relentless R&D and innovation in new products and our persistence in quality, we are praised by numerous leading manufacturers such as KINGS_TON and KINGMA, and becomes one of their partners.