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2009 The Shanghai Office was set up to show the company's ambitions for the future and relentless insistence on human imagination.
2006 Thanks to the cooperation with Kingston, we were able to offer and develop USB shells.
2005 The credit card USB flash drive was developed and the patent was obtained. The branch company in Shenzhen was established.
2004 Consolidation of Yah Tung Molding Co., Ltd. and YangZhu Technology Co., Ltd. The expanded office was located in Shulin City. The new company was more committed to the design and development of USB products while it made efforts to create the private brand.
2003 Certified by ISO9000
2002 YangZhu Technology Co., Ltd. was established in Yinggle Township. The company mainly engaged in USB and 3C assembly tests.
1989 The company was expanded and relocated in Xinzhuang City. Yah Tung Molding Co., Ltd. was established for the improvement of competitiveness.
1984 Cangzuxing Corporation was established in Tucheng City (sole proprietor). The company mainly engaged in making plastic steel molds and plastic injection molding parts.